Swietokrzyskie – Share the Magic

Project duration: 30 months


CLIENT: Regional Tourism Organization of the Swietokrzyskie Region

The Regional Tourism Organization of the Swietokrzyskie Region, having its seat in Kielce, was established in 2002 in order to develop tourism in this region. Its goal is also to integrate the tourism community in the Swietokrzyskie region through the cooperation of public sector with the tourism industry and societies active in this field.



  • Swietokrzyskie region commences the preparations for its first, Poland-wide promotional campaign.
  • According to image research, the region’s level of recognition is poor and its tourism attractiveness is low (for example, there are no associations with family travel or skiing).
  • In the Regional Tourism Organization of the Swietokrzyskie Region, a workgroup for implementing promotional activities is appointed and it establishes the following campaign goals:
  1. Change in the perception of Swietokrzyskie as a region which is not an attractive destination for tourists.
  2. Shaping the new image of a region with unique places, culture and tradition.
  3. Emphasizing and informing of the region’s versatility when it comes to different forms of leisure, especially for families interested in weekend trips.



  • Assistance in preparing the development strategy and promotion of region’s brand tourism products, thanks to which the campaign was not only image-oriented, but also promoted concrete offers for tourists and the tourism industry from the very beginning.
  • Coordinating image research studies, identifying the region’s brand potential and its image attributes in competitive environment.
  • Preparing the concept of promotional actions and content-based cooperation in tenders for production and broadcasting TV spots as well as for creation of billboards and purchase of outdoor media.
  • Coordination of TV and commercial campaign production in the years 2009-2010.
  • Preparing and conducting creative promotional events supporting the TV and outdoor communication, including Witches and 1000 brooms in Warsaw (2009) and Swietokrzyski Witches Convention (2011).
  • Permanent image-related consulting, e.g. when conducting the competition for the region’s catchphrase.
  • Running the campaign’s press office and arranging materials on Swietokrzyskie in Poland-wide, industry and regional media.
  • Creating and managing profiles of the region on social platforms (Facebook, Blip, YouTube, Nasza Klasa).
  • Preparing the concept and running custom promotional actions in the Web – including the project Magical Wishes, i.e. the action to extend Christmas wishes by celebrities on a specially prepared page on the portal as well as on, i.e. the first Poland’s regional blog for parents and children – the main target groups of the region).
  • Running permanent communication on Internet forums, current responses to questions regarding Swietokrzyskie’s attractions.
  • PR cooperation regarding two editions of a TV show “Witches’ Sabbath”, whose audience exceeded 2 millions each.
  • Image-related consulting for conducted film projects, including the region placement in “Father Mathew” series in TVP1 [Polish public TV station].



  • Region’s image change, confirmed by TNS Pentor survey in 2011 – as many as 58% respondents indicated Swietokrzyskie as a family travel destination (in 2009, there was no such association at all), 30% – as a destination for weekend skiing, and 32% – as an ideal place for weekend trip with family and friends (in 2009, the corresponding result was 18%).
  • Over 700 materials in Poland-wide and regional media (including TVP, TVN, Newsweek, Tina, Polityka, Gazeta Wyborcza), with total ad value exceeding 2 million zlotys.
  • Over 11 thousand views of the ad placed on social portals in the first stage of the campaign.
  • Region’s social website within the first three most active regional sites (according to data).
  • Number of tourists staying for at least one night in the region increased by 5.9% in 2010 and by 8.5% in 2011 (according to Poland’s Central Statistical Office data).
  • The catchphrase promoting the region (Swietokrzyskie – Share the Magic”) was found in the narrow top of the best valued promotional phrases, according to “Rzeczpospolita” ranking in 2010.
  • The main prize – GRAND PRIX at the Festival of Cities and Regions Promotion Golden Formats 2010 for the best promotional activities among all the Polish regions.