Recharge yourself!

Project duration: 4 months




CLIENT: Kensigton

Kensington is a globally known brand of computer products that belongs to an international company ACCO Brands Corporation. Kensington delivers innovative computer accessories globally, including security tools for laptops and high-value office equipment (including hardware compatible with Kensington-patented slot), mice, bags and universal power packs for notebooks and portable devices.




  • Comparatively low knowledge of untypical company products, i.e. universal power packs for mobile devices and facilitations they bring about.
  • Increasing trend of remote working aroused interest in the media, but it was considered in sociological, not hardware-related aspect.
  • Confusing the brand of Kensigton with Kingston.


  • Preparing a concept of five-month action.
  • Selection and negotiations with media partners and patrons of the action.
  • Publicizing the project in Poland-wide and regional media.
  • Cooperation in creating the action’s website and graphical materials.


  • Launching 14 energy zones in all W Biegu Café coffee bars.
  • The number of publications in Poland-wide and regional media exceeded 300.
  • Increase of Kensigton power packs sales by 30% in the following quarter.
  • Attracting interest of potential partners.