Polish Mars Robots

Project duration: 14 months

CLIENT: Mars Society Polska

Mars Society Polska (MSP) is a subsidiary of The Mars Society whose purpose is to send humans to the planet Mars and support the idea of its exploration. The organization gathers astronautics specialists (such as Robert Zubrin, who created the Mars settlement project, and Buzz Aldrin, an American astronaut who once took part in the first Moon landing), scientists or film-makers (including the Avatar’s director – James Cameron).


  • The international organization Mars Society has been organizing a prestigious contest of Mars rovers in the Utah desert for a few years. The current favorites in this competition are American and Canadian teams supported by NASA, both in terms of know-how and financing.
  • Mars Society Polska decides to take part in the project and requires organizational – and above all, financial and media – support.
  • Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) becomes the main partner of the initiative. PIAP wants to draw public opinion’s attention to a big potential of Poland in mobile robotics and robots produced by PIAP for special applications.
  • Being a still not well-known organization, Mars Society Polska has problems with fighting its way for its communication to potential partners and media.


  • Preparing PR strategy, including fundraising activities for financing the expeditions for University Rover Challenge in the United States in 2009 and 2010.
  • Preparing marketing materials and coordination of meetings with potential sponsors.
  • Arranging public shows of Mars rovers Skarabeusz (2009) and Magma (2010) for journalists in the premises of PIAP.
  • Arousing Poland-wide and regional media’s interest in University Rover Challenge and the activity of Mars Society Polska.
  • Arousing Poland-wide and industry media with different applications for mobile robots produced by PIAP.
  • Preparing Skarabeusz and Magma rovers’ websites.
  • Preparing and managing web channels of Skarabeusz and Magma rovers, including YouTube channels, micro blogs on and groups on portal.


  • Acquiring partners who supported the projects in terms of know-how, finance as well as by providing essential parts necessary for building the robots, sharing room for testing.
  • In 2009, almost 220 publications on Skarabeusz came out, including in the most important TV stations, press and Poland-wide information portals. A video from the press conference on YouTube was viewed by almost 1300 people during just 2 days.
  • In 2010, over 280 publications on Magma appeared in total, including in TVN, TVP and Polsat TV stations, as well as in industry-focused and Poland-wide media. Advertising equivalent of publications in which the rover’s sponsors were mentioned exceeded 500 thousand PLN.
  • The media success of both editions translated into higher interest among students and sympathizers of the Mars exploration concept in the MSP organization itself (number of new society members increased by 40%).