Poland to Mars

Project duration: 7 months

Client: Mars Society Poland

Mars Society Polska (MSP) is a subsidiary of The Mars Society whose purpose is to send humans to the planet Mars and support the idea of its exploration. The organization gathers astronautics specialists (such as Robert Zubrin, who created the Mars settlement project, and Buzz Aldrin, an American astronaut who once took part in the first Moon landing), scientists or film-makers (including the Avatar’s director – James Cameron).


  • The international organization Mars Society has been organizing a prestigious contest of Mars rovers in the Utah desert for a few years. For two years, Polish teams have been taking part in the competition. So far, they have managed to reach the third place at the most.
  • Two previous editions of the contest were widely publicized in Poland.
  • One needs to note that, despite being an EU member and participating in many space exploration projects, Poland is not a member the European Space Agency.
  • After the success of previous Universal Rover Challenge editions, as many as three teams from Torun, Bialystok and Wroclaw apply Mars Society Polska to enter the competition.
  • MSP sets a goal for the agency to attract decision-makers’ and media’s attention to the intellectual and technological potential of young scientists (with particular consideration for the space industry) that can result in new innovative scientific initiatives (space projects, space education projects, etc.).


  • Updating PR strategy for Mars Society Polska, including suggestions of lobbying activities and consistent communication of three teams from three cities (being also competition to one another).
  • Help in recruiting additional sponsors both for building rovers and for a trip of three teams to the US.
  • Preparing marketing materials and coordination of meetings with potential sponsors.
  • Preparing a Poland to Mars expedition’s website as well as creating and managing the community gathered on Facebook.
  • Organizing a public show of Polish Mars expedition for journalists and invited special guests.
  • Arousing Poland-wide and regional media’s interest in University Rover Challenge and the activity of Mars Society Polska.
  • Arranging materials and interviews on the necessity of Poland’s accession to the European Space Agency’s structures.
  • Creating experts on Mars exploration among MSP members.
  • Help in arranging meetings with government and parliament officials on the Polish team’s return from URC 2011.
  • Immediate reaction of the agency to the Polish team’s victory in URC 2011 on the basis of an earlier prepared scenarios of events.
  • Preparing media welcome event for the team at the airport, based on welcome events of national sport teams.
  • Coordination of meetings of the winning team with government and media representatives.


  • Acquiring partners who supported all the three robots in terms of know-how, financing as well as through providing essential parts necessary for building the robots.
  • Publicizing the project translated directly into taking the decision by the Polish government to start negotiations regarding Poland’s accession to the European Space Agency.
  • Increased investors’ interest in the activity of Mars Society Polska – proposals of support for future projects (incl. co-financing of business incubators in the amount of 100 thousand PLN for an educational version of the Magma rover).
  • Strengthening the expert position of Mars Society Polska, both in Poland (where the organization’s members are invited to different kinds of lectures or presentations), as well as abroad (where the great potential of the Polish subsidiary has been noticed).
  • Media relations activities have brought the result of 790 publications, including 71 in Poland-wide and local press, 442 in electronic media, 146 in radio stations and 133 TV broadcasts. The quality of publications is proven by the presence in all the leading press, radio, internet and TV titles.