Night of Robots

Project duration: 4 months


CLIENT: Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP)

Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP) is active in the area of automation and robotization of manufacturing, transportation and quality control systems. It is the only Poland’s producer of highest-quality mobile robots for counterterrorism and a permanent vendor for security services (Police, Polish Army, Borded Guard, Government Protection Bureau).



The activity of PIAP is well-known in the industry, but not widely known to public opinion.

  • PIAP comes up with an initiative to organize an “open door” event in a creative way so that it stands out from other such events in Poland.
  • The Agency faces the need to publicize the non-standard event all over Poland, with particular focus on the Mazowieckie region.
  • Information about the diversity and innovation of robots created in PIAP (as well as under its auspices) is to reach decision-makers and youths who want to pursue their career in the field of science and technology.
  • The event is also to be an attraction for inhabitants of the Warsaw area who will have the first opportunity to visit PIAP and see the robots that come into being in Poland.


  • Preparing the concept and all the promotional materials – the event’s name and promotional catchphrase, website, posters, leaflets and a special information brochure for decision-makers.
  • Coordination of posters’ and leaflets’ distribution in Warsaw.
  • Preparation of a promotional video broadcast from the event.
  • Running the event’s press office, including the arrangement of materials on the Night of Robots itself as well as robotics solutions that come into being in Poland.
  • Preparing and conducting an Internet action on Facebook and on a microblogging platform
  • Cooperation with bloggers before and after the event in order to get them interested in it, and then, to obtain interesting picture galleries (publication on the site) and opinions on the event.



  • The Night of Robots attracted 4,000 people (the goal defined by the client was the attendance of 2,500 visitors).
  • Over 120 publications appeared in the media, including TVP 1 [Polish public TV station], Polsat, TVN Turbo, Polskie Radio PR 1 [Polish public radio station], Polska The Times,,,
  • During the week before the event, the website was visited by 20,000 people, including almost 2,500 on 21 May (on the day of event).
  • Well-considered website design resulted in good performance – the average time spent on the site by one user was 3 minutes and 17 seconds – thanks to the traffic being efficiently directed to attractions and to particular maps.