Lifepak – Rescue for Your Heart

Project duration: 24 months


CLIENT: Physio-Control, division of Medtronic Poland Sp. z o.o.

The company’s mission is to help victims of cardiac emergencies, from the first aid provided on the spot, through the care of emergency ambulance service, to stabilizing a patient’s condition in a health center.



  • Common access to defibrillation practically doesn’t exist in Poland (in 2007). Defibrillators are perceived by the public opinion as a category of advanced medical hardware used by ambulances and hospitals.
  • Slight knowledge of automated external defibrillators in non-healthcare market and low awareness of the possibilities to use them in public places.
  • Medtronic Poland enjoys good reputation in the healthcare world, providing high-class equipment and complying with high ethical standards.
  • Physio-Control, a division of Medtronic Poland, markets defibrillators under the brand of Lifepak AED (Automated External Defibrillator).
  • The Agency initially takes part in a pilot program of common access to defibrillation in Trzebinia, Malopolskie region.



  • Preparing the PR strategy covering educational, lobbying and advertising activities.
  • Running the event’s press office, including the arrangement of materials both on Lifepak products and the idea of common access to defibrillation in Poland-wide and regional media.
  • Co-organization and publicizing first aid shows with the use of AED defibrillators in public places (shopping malls, family festivities) all over Poland.
  • Joint running of a website devoted to AED in Poland (including a map of defibrillators).
  • Cooperation in arranging speeches of Physio-Control experts at industry seminars and conferences for local governments.
  • Arranging meetings of Physio-Control experts with local government representatives in order to propagate the idea of common access to defibrillation.
  • Assistance in the preparation of promotional materials (ads, information brochures, exhibition materials).



  • Over 600 pieces of materials on common access to defibrillation in Poland, including 250 pieces dedicated to Lifepak products, in Poland-wide, regional and industry media. Common usage of the word “Lifepak” as a synonym of defibrillator.
  • Increased interest in purchasing Lifepak AED defibrillators, both in private bodies, as well as local governments (appearance of tenders to deliver AED defibrillators).
  • Launching large AED networks, such as Krakow’s Impulse of Life, prepared in participation of Physio-Control experts.
  • Translating the positive image of the idea to Physio-Control brand and its other products.
  • Development of numerous individual initiatives to implement AED programs in Poland and websites dedicated to this topic.