Project duration: 6 months



The Jelfa S.A. pharmaceutical company is a manufacturer of medicines widely known in Poland and other European countries, such as Hungary, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Russia. Jelfa S. A. combines its traditions with modernity. Long-standing experience of the company supports innovative approach to pharmacology, which enables marketing more and more modern pharmaceutical preparations. For over 60 years, Jelfa has been supporting the Polish dermatology, providing efficient solutions for the treatment of many dermal diseases. Jelfa’s products include: Vitaral, Falvit, Sachol, Clobaza, Famidyna.


  • A totally new category of pharmaceuticals is introduced: dermal therapeutics are known abroad, but not in Poland.
  • Very sensitive and highly educated target group – atopic dermatitis patients and their families (often mothers of young children).
  • Not only consumers, but mainly doctors and pharmacists should be convinced to check out the medicine.


  • Creating an annual PR strategy for dermal therapeutics and particular brands (Atopiclair and Clarsebic).
  • Establishing cooperation with doctors who – having learnt about the medicines – become their informal ambassadors.
  • Establishing cooperation with doctors dealing with psycho-dermal therapy (dermal therapeutics can play a considerable role in treating mental diseases developed on the basis of dermal problems).
  • Close cooperation with medical and pharmaceutical media.
  • Arousing interest in atopic dermatitis and dermal therapy among women and parent-oriented media.
  • Creating a product website with a zone restricted for doctors only.
  • Preparing a concept of an educational campaign.
  • Organizing a press conference in the center of Warsaw.


  • High interest in dermal therapeutics among the media.
  • Proven confidence among doctors in medicines from this category.
  • Recognizability of brands and new category of medical products.
  • Number of publications – 240 (out of atopic dermatitis season).
  • Spontaneous confirmations of PF Jelfa S.A. medicines’ performance on forums.