Candy – Knows How to Do IT

Project duration: 6 months


Client: Candy Polska Sp. z o.o.

Candy Polska Sp. z o.o. is a part of Candy Group, a leading manufacturer and vendor of household appliances that are marketed in Poland as Hoover and Candy. The company’s offer includes free-standing appliances, built-in products as well as vacuum cleaners. The key company assets are: the openness to the latest technologies, taking care of attractive product design and respect for ecological values.


  • More and more diverse market offerings of household appliances and the dynamically rising number of functions and programs make clients confused about the offers they receive. As a result, clients make random, not fully informed decisions about the equipment they choose to buy.
  • Economic crisis has caused a greater caution in planning new household appliance purchases.


  • Creating a cycle of how-to articles on choosing household appliances for different users, optimal use of appliances’ functionality, energy efficiency, user safety. Presenting new functions, taking Candy appliances as an example.
  • Creating a how-to Facebook fan page of the Candy brand entitled “We Know How to Do IT”.
  • Delivering interesting content that encourages users to interact.
  • Content-related development and publicizing a special Facebook game called “Throw Down the Gauntlet”. The application was about asking questions to friends and answering their questions on one of the following topics: laundry washing, cooking, cooling, dish-washing. The objective of the game was to emphasize competencies of housekeepers and indicating methods to deal with everyday “household” challenges. Over 1000 people took part in the game which lasted for 1 month and a half.


  • Developing an expert image of the brand, increasing knowledge on the use of household appliances.
  • Influence on informed choices of consumers, building brand loyalty. A client having knowledge on appliances takes purchasing decisions easier.
  • Showing how modern equipment allows for saving money and why it is worth to invest in it.
  • The sum of all publications in Poland-wide and regional press as well as on the web – 860 articles.
  • Over 1300 fans of the page “We Know How To Do IT” in the first phase of activity.