Corporate PR

  • Preparing your communications strategy
  • Media relations / media monitoring
  • Organization of press conferences
  • Building relations with opinion leaders, industry organizations and NGOs
  • B2B communication
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Sponsorship consulting
  • Events and special actions
  • Media training
  • Professional services marketing

Product PR

  • Communication strategies for products and services
  • Organization of press conferences
  • Launching products in the market
  • Building awareness of products and brands
  • Running press offices and showrooms
  • Product events
  • Media relations / media monitoring
  • Product photo sessions
  • Video reviews of products and services
  • Consumer research

ePR and Social Media

  • Web communication strategies
  • Virtual press offices
  • Communication on internet forums
  • Organization of video press conferences
  • Designing and moderating company blogs
  • Creative Internet actions
  • Website audits and concepts
  • Integrated ePR and social media campaigns
  • Managing Facebook, YouTube, Nasza Klasa communities
  • Designing Facebook applications

Place Marketing

  • Preparing the strategy of branding and development of tourism products
  • Comprehensive PR services with press office organization
  • Planning and coordinating integrated promotional campaigns
  • Conducting image research
  • Designing promotional materials
  • Creative promotional events
  • Training on PR and place marketing
  • Social media – creating communities and active communication


  • Questing methodology training
  • Questing network implementation in a given area
  • Comprehensive preparation of a quest, including graphics and content development
  • Content audits of existing quests
  • Media relations and promotion of a quest at the website


  • Building a promotion strategy
  • Public speaking and media relations
  • ePR and social media activities
  • Public relations for NGOs
  • Public relations for a small company
  • Questing™
  • Creating and promoting tourism products